Street Style Photography: Blog en-us (C) Street Style Photography (Street Style Photography) Tue, 16 Dec 2014 09:36:00 GMT Tue, 16 Dec 2014 09:36:00 GMT Street Style Photography: Blog 120 84 Photos with Santa Every year at my daughter's school the PTA hosts a wonderful event called Cookies with Santa. Parents bake cookies for the kids, the holiday shop is open for business so children can buy their parents, friends and siblings a little something special. Do you remember how awesome it was to shop at the holiday shop when you were young? Of course Santa makes his appearance to visit the children, get their wish lists and ensure a few more weeks of good behavior, clean rooms and completed homework. 

I have been the photographer the past two years and I have to say it is so rewarding. The looks on the kids faces when they get the opportunity to talk to the big man in red is priceless. If you have children in school I highly recommend getting involved. It doesn't have to be the PTA. Help out in the classroom, volunteer your time for an event. The payoff is so worth it when you see how proud your kids are to say "That's my Mom!"

Here are just a few... Enjoy!

Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA Photos with Santa hosted by the PTA




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Fun Fall Family Fotos That's the theme this month Fun Fall Family Fotos... yes, yes I know that's not how you spell photos as my 9 year old points out all smug and proud of herself for catching me doing something wrong, I mean let's face it, doesn't happen often seeing as I'm near perfect...LOL. 

Well this girl and her family are FUN! I just love when you get to meet people who are up for anything and just enjoy the experience of the session. I've known Dani and her family for 12 years and when I heard she got engaged I couldn't wait to get them in front of the camera. I only wish we would of had more time, as the sun does set quicker these days and we make way for soft knit sweaters, bonfires and pumpkin everything. I am always a bit more sentimental about family this time of year and wish for just another minute with the loved ones I've lost and greatly appreciate the loved ones I have. Dani you are one of those people, you have always been a great friend. I love your giant heart, your loyal nature and your beautiful soul. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I'm so happy you have found a love and a family to call your own and share your life with. I wish you all the best and I expect an invite to the wedding. :~}

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Putting it out there So last week there was a post on one of my business networking FB pages that the owner of Mainstreet Bar & Grill in Stafford, VA needed a photographer for an event they were hosting. It appears that reality show star Beardimus Maximus was going to be kicking off a fund rasing event and MTV would be filming that night, and she would like someone to document the event. Uhm, YES I would be very interested in donating my time & skills.  

Now truth be told I was a nervous wreck the days leading up to the event. I happen to view events such as this just like a wedding or other important event when one shot is all you get. This is a chance to show my ability as an event photographer and maybe help me get my name out. Did it help that I was going to be in a room full of bearded men, yes that didn't hurt the situation at all.

The venue was darker than I thought and I didn't want to be using a high powered speed light with MTV filming as well. So I decided to use my on camera flash with a diffuser to provide me with the light I would need and to be able to move around a crowded bar with beer in one hand and camera in the other.

I know that alot of photographers wish to not photograph events because they can be nerve racking and how many award winning photos can you get of people mingling and dancing. However, I have to say that the rush that comes from looking for the action, getting up in there without being in the way, getting the shots that ok maybe won't be winning any awards but capturing the beautiful and oh so classy Mrs. Maximus getting an impromptu lap dance from a random girl in a bar is priceless!!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of the event. I highly suggest checking out Beardius Maximus on MTV (I will be in the episode) and follow his blog on FB at they are really down to earth people & fun to be around.

Should you as a photographer ever get the chance to photograph anything outside your comfort zone, take it. You really never know what you might get.


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Exploring The Unkown I have always been fascinated by mysteries of any kind. I like to have things proven to me or see for myself before I believe anything I hear. So when I came across an article about a haunted pond right here in my area, what else could a girl but check it out for herself.

So now the only problem is that it is on private property and owned by the Catholic Church. Being that Iam a law abbiding citizen, and not wanting to go to jail, I asked around. It turns out a friend of mine has permission to enter the property,  so here we go...

Witches Pond (a history) This is what I have been able to find through internet search and stories from the caretaker:

The area was originally settled in the 1570s by Jesuit priests who intended to convert the local Native American population to Christianity. The table is inscribed in latin because most Catholic worship and mass would have been done in latin. The alter and the benches are there because it was an outdoor house of worship. The Jesuit priests were only not able to convert the Native Americans, they were in fact killed by the same people they were intending to convert. It is later in the 1700's that the pond 's history was tainted by the word witchcraft... a woman named Edith, said to have been a witch was rumored to have been slained there and her remains thrown into the pond. Since this alleged murder, the area has had an eerie presence and known to be haunted by local kids.  "Devil worshipers" have been said to hold seances at Witches Pond as well. In the 1970's a motorcycle gang used the area as their hangout and an unsolved murder of woman who's remains were found November 7, 1998. 

There is an alter although I do not believe it was intended by the church to be used for human sacrifice or otherwise. There is a stone tablet underneath the altar that it says it was dedicated to Father Walter Joseph Natt, 1891-1932.

The trail leading to the pond is acutally beautiful and quite peaceful. We were there in the daylight & I, being intuned to things that go bump, did not get an uneasy feeling or anything...yet. The Pond on this day was not red, however I do intend on going back in the spring to see if the water does indeed change color. The Alter area itself was a little hair raising just knowing some of the history of the place will do that. I actually found the site beautiful as well. I believe the Catholic Church fenced it off to preserve it's history and it's peacefullness. Human nature of course being what it is wants to go against what we are told. A No Tresspassing sign is like an invitation to explore. So should you choose to disregaurd said signs and check the place out, do so carefully and please do not desicrate this historical location. Honor those who are resting there and act like you have some morals. Clean up after yourselves and BE CAREFUL....


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Expanding my portfolio As some of you may know, I had been laid off my job of 12 years a few weeks ago, and it has been quite a culture shock to say the least. Although I openly hated my job,  how many of us can actually have the luxury of quitting to pursue our dreams? Not many, so upon receiving this grave news my initial reaction was anger, fear and despair. Then I thought, ok negative Nelly let's see how we can turn this around to our benefit.

I have had my own photography business for about 2 years now, however with a full time job, 2 small kids and a big kid (my husband) It has only received minimal attention from me & mostly my subjects have been friends, kids of friends... etc. So I though what better time to throw myself full force into getting this business off the ground then whilst I am home and unemployed. I am constantly studying and learning, I am super crital of myself & strive for perfection. I want to be the best I can be. I choose not to conform to the ways of others however should I see a new style I like I may try my hand and then give it my twist. I am more of a lifestyle and street photographer or so I would like to think however as I move through this journey I am finding I also enjoy shooting a more posed session as well, I just needed to come out of my shell & warm up to directing people where I want them to be. So an opportunity has presented itself in which I may be able to branch out of my comfort zone into this new hot trend of Boudior Photography. I thought I would give it a try & see how I fair. So here it is, I find that maybe my style is more pin up rather than soft and romantic, which is how I image boudior photography to be. I also find that while as a photographer I may have an image of what I want in my head, sometimes the subject, the lighting and the mood can wipe that image clean & your left with a whole new rush of ideas. I like to go with it & see what speaks to me, that plays up my lifestyle or street style approach. It also has helped in other situations where creativity on the fly is needed.

As I finish up my rambling I will leave you with some images from yesterday's test shoot. I find they are sexy and alluring in my Street Style kind of way. Leave me your thoughts or tips I would love to hear them.



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Baby J Turns 1 Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the cutest little boy for his 1st Birhday. Is there anything more special than the 1st? I wanted the session to be fun and light hearted. I didn't want to stuff him into the studio on such a beautiful day. So I walked down the road and asked the neighbors if I could set up in their large field across the street, as the sun light is better than my yard.

With my girls in tow we set out to load up the car and make magic. We packed us some PB & J's, laid out a blanket, had a picnic & got to work. I wanted to colors to be fun & playful so after hanging a white muslin backdrop I laid an old handmade patchwork quilt on the ground, hung a beautiful fabric pennant banner made by my friend Heather at Red-Eyed Studio, added some balloons & Violia!

I also set up a fall scene with hay bales & pumpkins, however he was not liking that near as much as the old red ryder trike we had waiting for him. He was all smiles and giggles and when we got to the Cake Smash I was expecting him to dive right in, however we had a little gentleman on our hands & he did not want to get dirty, till he tasted the icing...


I'm sharing a few images here and please stop by the website and leave a comment or two.


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